The Australian Marine Debris Database was created to enable volunteers and organisations who were running beach clean-up events to also collect data on what they were finding with a consistent methodology so it could be collated into a standardised national database on marine debris.

Since 2004 more than 7 million pieces of data have been inputted into the Australian Marine Debris Database, creating a comprehensive overview of what amounts and types of marine debris are impacting beaches around the country.

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Before submitting or accessing data, please be make sure that you accept the data submission and data access open access policies.

Submitting Data

The database has an open access policy enabling scientists, government agencies, communities and organisations to request data on marine debris in Australia for educational and research purposes. The data submitted is always owned by the contributor, however the Australian Marine Debris Database provides one place for all data to be housed, providing everyone involved in the marine debris issue one place to both access and submit data on marine debris.

Data Access & Reporting

Our open access policy allows for a specific set of data reports to be generated for community groups, schools and partner organisations to assist in identifiying marine debris trends and creating local source reduction plans.